The Core System

A system of systems, services and agents that enables research


The main goal for the WARA-PS Core System is to boost research on collaborating autonomous agents, starting from a higher level. The Core System is a system of systems constituted by systems, services and agents used in the research arena. Thereby enabling an infrastructure for research involving different simulated and physical agents, systems, and services. The WARA-PS Core System is based on the principles; domain agnostic, easy integration, availability 24/7, transparency and, accessibility, as well as capability for recording and analysis. The resources available in the core system include Unmanned Surface/Aerial/Ground/Underwater Vehicles as well as sensors and services. The available resources can be explored in the menu at the top of the page.

To place the Core System and resources in a context, we provide examples of public safety related scenarios, which have been formulated with the help of domain experts from rescue organizations such as Swedish Sea Rescue Society and the Swedish Maritime Administration. The goal is to test the technology and systems in a representative and realistic context, with unforeseen events and dynamic surroundings. These scenarios are also used in Core System demonstrations to showcase the capabilities of the system within domain of the public safety, to stimulate new research and collaborations. Examples of scenarios and use cases can be found here in the Portal.

In order to interact with the Core System, an API is implemented, which is linked below. In addition to the API, a system specification describing the basic architecture, components, and connections of the Core System can be found below.

If you are interested in using or learning more about the core system, please contact us through the contact form.

The components making up the Core System

Tools, agents and services

Read more about the tools, agents and services that make up the Core System by clicking on the links below.