WALP start-up


In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, a promising startup named FleetMQ is making waves under the aegis of the Wallenberg Launch Pad (WALP). Through the WALP-program researchers are offered support in exploring and validating what impact their idea could make in industry or in society. FleetMQ is an example of how to turn academic insights into market-ready solutions.

FleetMQ was founded in 2021 by Frank Jiang and Elisa Bins, two doctoral students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. It began as a mere academic project when Frank and Elisa originally built a rudimentary software tool for personal use during their studies.

Even though the software had clear limitations they quickly realized its potential and saw an opportunity for expansion through WASP’s WALP program. The program enabled an additional workforce, the software engineering experts Nicole Kihara and Cole Dearmon-Moore, joined their team and was able to dedicate full-time efforts to evolve their joint project.

Data streaming solution

The core idea of FleetMQ is to provide a resilient and high-performance data streaming solution optimized for robotic and IoT (Internet of Things) fleets. Such technology is crucial for enabling efficient communication within and between swarms of autonomous vehicles and other robotic entities.

“We aim to build something that’s very reliable for creating these peer-to-peer connections. The domain expertise that we have help us put the right pieces together to make something reliable and easily maintained”, Frank explains.

Entering the market

As the WALP program concludes in September 2024, FleetMQ is preparing to transition from a funded project to a self-reliant enterprise. The team is actively reaching out to potential partners and refining their market strategy, grateful for the foundational support WASP provided.

“It’s both scary and exciting, we are going to enter the market. If it wasn’t for WASP, I’m sure I wouldn’t have stayed in Sweden and there would not be a FleetMQ,” Jiang confessed.

FleetMQ’s journey from an academic project to a promising startup exemplifies the spirit of innovation that WALP aims to instil among researchers. By providing a platform to develop and validate impactful ideas, WALP not only advances technological frontiers but also cultivates a new generation of entrepreneurs poised to make significant contributions to society and industry. FleetMQ is not just a startup; it’s a beacon of potential, showcasing what can be achieved when innovative minds are given the right support and opportunities.