Community events

Community activities

Our events

Throughout the year, WARA-PS host events designed to promote collaboration and support advanced research and innovation. We network, share knowledge and spread inspiration for new initiatives within the field of public safety. WARA-PS hosts both joint data collection events and demonstrations of scenario-based field tests for researchers, PhD candidates, and industry experts. We focus on practical applications where research can be applied to real tasks, like search and rescue scenarios. These multi-domain scenarios often include interaction between human teams and unmanned vehicles operating in sync within complex environments.

The events include the data collection week, a week where we focus on field tests, experiments and integration to the core system. Furthermore, the prep week is an event where the focus is on preparing for the demonstration week. Finally, the demonstration week is our biggest event where representatives from academia, industry and society come together to present, demonstrate, network and share knowledge.

Each year, our events draw hundreds of participants from academia, industry, and government sectors. Most of our research initiatives are categorized under “dual-use” technology—applicable to both civilian and defense sectors—underscoring the broad relevance of our work at WARA-PS.

All of these events are hosted in Västervik at Gränsö Slott. You can find more information about the events and how to participate in the event pages.

Additionally, WARA-PS is also active in the WASP public safety cluster by arranging monthly cluster meetings. The cluster meetings allow for researchers and others with common interests in public safety to come together. If you are interested in joining the cluster meetings, please contact us.


In addition to events, we also offer workshops and onboardings to the Core System. Find out more on our workshop page!