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If you have a vision to transform public safety through AI and autonomous systems, join WARA-PS mission to advance technology to create a safer and more resilient society.

Supporting innovation

For start-ups

WARA-PS supports startups by offering a collaborative platform to launch your ideas, backed by a strong network of industry leaders and research institutions. Gain access to resources, expertise, and a community eager to support new ideas.

Supported by a robust community network including Saab, Ericsson, Linköping University, and other leading institutions, WARA-PS is dedicated to accelerate innovation. By offering access to the WARA-PS Core System, integration support, data, and a vibrant social network we support innovation through accessibility.

WARA-PS has created a collaborative testing environment that is equipped with hardware such as sensors and UXVs, providing the perfect setting for your start-up’s product validation and iterative improvement. Furthermore, the WARA-PS Core System provides an infrastructure that can be used for testing and integration. If you are interested in connecting with us, or to discuss potential collaborations, please feel free to contact us.

By joining the Arena, your product not only gains recognition in the WARA-PS community, but also aids in making cutting-edge technologies more accessible to researchers. Together, we’re building a future where autonomous systems and AI creates a safer society.