Government collaborations - For government agencies

Research that benefits society

Join us as a government representative

WARA-PS invite agency officials to engage with our research community, participate in meaningful discussions, and contribute to our collaborative knowledge exchange, through which we can explore innovative ways to address societal challenges.

By applying research to real-world scenarios, jointly formulating research problems, and driving technological advancements, WARA-PS aims to position Sweden at the forefront of safety and technology.

Bringing research and reality closer together

Knowledge exchange

Representatives from government agencies are warmly welcomed to our events to experience firsthand how the community works with autonomous systems and AI in the field of public safety. By participating in the WARA-PS events you can join the conversation regarding ongoing and future research questions, technology and scenarios that are being explored. Thereby bringing the research closer to current challenges and possibilities and joining a forum, where you can share your knowledge and highlight how we can anchor research in tangible needs and solutions.